May 30, 2022 2 min

Keys get broken for many reasons, from being worn out to forceful turning and metal fatigue. One thing is sure, broken keys in an ignition lock are one of the most annoying things that you can experience.

Chances are, you may be helpless if your key breaks in the ignition. Most times, you may need the services of a professional locksmith to remove the broken keys.

However, this article highlights a few tips for removing broken keys from a lock.

1) Broken keys extractor

5 Tips for Removing a Broken Key from a Lock

broken keys extractor device is the professional solution to this problem. To use the broken keys extractor tool, place it inside the keyway along with the biting of the key.

To clarify more, you will be trying to hook the teeth on the key with the hooks on the extractor. Once placed along the biting, turn and pull, which should capture and remove the key. Of course, this device takes many attempts.

2) Superglue

Using super glue to unjam a lock pretends to be a bit counter-intuitive. However, superglue is an option if you are really in adhesive and have these supplies. The technique is to glue the key like a match to be pulled free.

Do not try this if your key is pushed far into the keyway and there is no metal accessible. This technique works best when the broken keys are reachable.

3) Probe and Pull

In the probe and pull technique, with two thin pieces of metal, you can probe the keyway and pull out the key. Line up a bit of metal on both sides of the key. You do not have to put your device very far.

Just place them inadequate to be able to apply pressure thoroughly. Then pull the broken key towards you. It will possibly only move the key out a bit.

4) Tweezers

Tweezers are good to have on hand if needle-nose pliers prove too large and heavy for grasping. With the lubricant, tweezers can sometimes slip off the broken bit and be inadequate.

In some cases, however, tweezers can provide just the right amount of finesse and rigour to quickly and safely remove the broken key bit. Be attentive not to push the broken bit further into the lock.

5) Pliers

5 Tips for Removing a Broken Key from a Lock

During a broken keys situation, needle nose pliers can come in handy. It’s sometimes possible to pull the broken bit directly out when applying lubricant to the area and allowing enough time for it to soak.

However, it’s vital to be careful when first grasping the broken keys bit because grabbing it incorrectly with pliers can recklessly send it further into the lock. If the broken bit is too far into the keyhole, it might be time to reach for another tool to pull the broken piece further.

Final words

While these techniques may help you remove broken keys from an ignition lock, sometimes you need a professional locksmith to help provide ignition replacement. Our qualified professional locksmiths are ready to help you 24*7 to get back inside your home or home invasion victims.

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