Jul 22, 2022 2 min

The overall benefits of master key systems boil down to the combination of security and convenience. With various ‘levels’ of keys, you can control who has access to what rooms, departments, cabinets, lockers, facilities, or areas in a property.

Here, we explain the Benefits of master key systems achieving security goals.

1. Increased security

One of the main benefits of master key systems is they permit you to design your key distribution hierarchy and gives employees access to only the needed areas. In addition, it offers various levels of access and authorization depending on their functional roles within the business.

For instance, an officer would have more access control and access to more business areas than a warehouse manager. Also, one key opening several locks mean fewer keys being distributed among the employees, which would subsequently mean fewer instances of the keys getting lost or stolen.

2. Maximized control

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A high-security lock system ensures that no one will duplicate your key without your permission. In addition, you can set access rights for employees and keyholders.

The power of who will acquire which kind of key, whether to be given complete or partial access, is achieved by the company hierarchy concerning the roles of employees and staff members.

3. Improved convenience

A grand master key can be convenient for you since you have full access to every room your commercial building has. Moreover, in emergencies, you can unlock all the doors easily without needing to look for the specific key for each entry.

Your key does not only bring you ease, but it can also save your life.

4. Efficiency

In a master key system, your employees can access the areas they need. Hence, your security system won’t get affected in the way of their productivity.

5. Convenience & peace of mind

The Major Benefits of master key systems are they ensure total peace of mind for both residents of a building and its management team with high-security locks. Master keying keeps certain restricted areas secure while giving access to specific people in emergencies.

The convenience of managing a reduced number of keys can also give mind peace in emergencies as well as save critical time ensuring exit routes are open and all employees have been evacuated safely.

6. Cost effective

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The good old-fashioned master key has stood the test of time. Why? Because it is cost-effective. A master key system is quick to install and cost-effective.

In addition, because a master key only requires an extra pin, it’s far less expensive to retrofit a property with a master key than a new electronic access system.


Final words

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