Jul 4, 2022 2 min

Have you ever broken keys in the locks? Do you want to extract broken keys from locks? Unfortunately, it usually happens all too often and sometimes in the ignition lock of your car! So the question becomes, how can you extract it and move on about your day? Unfortunately, it happens occasionally and often when it is least expected. However, there is no need to panic.

We mention six tips to extract broken keys from locks with the use of various tools

1. Using paperclips

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Paperclips are a magical tool and work decently well to extract broken keys from locks—as long as the fractured piece isn’t too small and deep within the keyway. There are two ways to use a paperclip to extract broken keys from locks.

In my experience, thinner paperclips tend to work better and give you a deeper grip on the key. 

2. Using tweezers

Tweezers are best to have on hand if needle nose pliers prove too large for grasping. Unfortunately, tweezers don’t have the same pulling strength that pliers do, and with lubricant, tweezers can sometimes slip off the broken bit and be ineffective.

However, in some cases, tweezers can provide the right amount of finesse and precision to extract broken keys from locks.

3. Using super glue

Using super glue to unjam a lock is quite clumsy when you want to extract broken keys from locks. However, it is an option if you are in a bind and have these supplies. The aim is to glue the key to something like a match, so it can be pulled free.

But understand that if your key is pushed back far into the keyway and no metal is visible, then do not try this. The superglue trick works well when the broken key is accessible.

4. Jigsaw blade

It is probably the most time-consuming method and will require a trip to your local hardware store. However, if available, use two jigsaw blades when trying to extract a broken key. Insert both edges on opposite sides of the key.

For this to be successful, the blades must be thin enough. Be sure the edges are also faced down so they can hook the teeth of the key. After doing so, turn and pull.

5. Lubricate the lock

When you have a new key, sometimes it has little burrs that can get caught on the lock pins. When this happens, some extra lubrication can help free your key and prevent it from getting stuck again.

A spray lubricant or a graphite powder is all you need. Many people keep this on hand, but it’s easily found at any hardware or big box store if you don’t have a can nearby.

6. Broken key extractor

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A mobile locksmith will generally carry an essential extractor tool. This tool is inserted into the keyway along the bitting of the key. Then, you try to hook the teeth and pull the broken piece out.

Final words

Despite using various objects to extract broken keys from locks, sometimes you may push the key further inside. Therefore, you need to contact reliable locksmith services to extract broken keys from locks.

A professional locksmith will use professional tools to pull the key within a few minutes. US Locksmiths are always available to assist you with your keys or locks. US Locksmith will resolve all your problems like stolen keys or locks and provide services of the best auto locksmith in Rockville for your vehicle, home, and business, as well as for better safety & security.