Jun 23, 2022 2 min

Rekeying locks for Homeowners means changing the existing keys on the lock to new ones without changing the lock security of your home, and experts advise you to change your home or business’s locks regularly. However, that can be expensive and time-consuming. Rekeying is a much more effective and faster alternative.

Here, we discuss seven benefits of rekeying locks for homeowners.

1. It’s an excellent way to keep track of who has keys to your home

Benefits of Rekeying Locks

Rekeying your locks ensures that the old keys will no longer work if you lose your keys or someone makes copies without your permission. In addition, it is a great way to keep tabs on who has access to your home.

2. Cost-effective

If you have numerous locks to replace, rekeying will be more cost-effective than changing all locks. It’s quicker than removing old locks and installing new ones. You could also use the same key for different locks while rekeying locks for homeowners.

3. Gives you a master key setup

Having all your door locks rekeyed gives you the possibility to have one master key made. Ask the locksmith to provide one key to access all the locks. It simplifies your life because you don’t have to manage numerous keys.

4. When keys go missing or do not return

It’s common for homeowners and businesses to request a rekeying service if they’ve lent out keys that do not return. It could be for many different reasons, but common sense might be a pet sitter who hasn’t returned house keys. 

5. Faulty or broken locks

If your locks cause you headaches, are faulty, or temperamental, it may be time to take the safety off the door and have it rekeyed in-store. Unfortunately, locks don’t just work themselves over time.

The longer you continue to use the faulty lock, the quicker it will worsen until it eventually stops working completely. You don’t want to end up locked outside your home on a busy day. So get your lock rekeyed today before the problem gets dreadful.

6. Rekeying your locks can be an affordable 

If you’ve moved into a new home for the first time, rekeying locks for homeowners can be an affordable way to guarantee that no one has keys to your new home. You never know who may have obtained keys to your home and how many copies of keys have been made.

7. Peace of mind

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The main benefit with no dollar sign attached is peace of mind. With increased security measures in place, you can rest easy knowing no other keys work on your door besides yours.

Final words

You may have lost the keys to your house, or your occupant has changed their integrity. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to change your locks to protect your property. There are many reasons for rekeying locks for homeowners, and this article will give tips to help you make a good decision.

However, whether you decide on a system replacement or rekeying lock service, it is essential to have a reliable and experienced locksmith to complete the work.  US Locksmith offers cost-effective rekeying Locks for Homeowners and is always here to help you properly secure your business. Our qualified professional locksmiths are ready to help you 24*7  if you are a house invasion victim.