Jul 31, 2022 2 min

The ignition lock cylinder comprises cylindrical and mechanical parts used to start your car, housed inside the electrical component that locks the ignition, known as the ignition switch. The ignition in a vehicle is comprised of several parts. Therefore, when replacing any one piece of the system, it is wise to examine the rest for signs of wear. Here are the seven signs of a failing ignition lock.

1. Key won’t Turn

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If you put your key in the keyhole, but it gets stuck and won’t turn to the “start” position, there could be an issue with your car’s ignition switch. If your key doesn’t turn, your car will most likely refuse to start. It is a huge inconvenience, so get your car checked out as soon as possible. 

2. Vehicle starts and suddenly stalls

Sometimes, a faulty ignition switch will still allow your vehicle to start. However, the controller may only provide momentary power to the fuel pump and ignition system, eventually causing your vehicle to stall.

Ignition switch issues may also prevent you from restarting your vehicle due to worn-out ignition contacts, which have become more sensitive to heat and vibration.

3. Blinking dashboard or other accessories

Another issue you may observe is that the lights on your dashboard or other electrical accessories inside your car are blinking or turned on and off sporadically. It signifies that the ignition switch’s connection plate is terrible and may be caused by corrosion or wear.

Unfortunately, it is most often something that is not fixable, and you have to replace the ignition switch. Luckily, you can usually replace the ignition switch instead of the whole ignition lock.

4. No noise from the starter

Suppose your car’s ignition switch, starter motor, or other electrical system isn’t activated correctly. In that case, you won’t hear typical engine noises that indicate the key has turned into the ‘start’ position.

Instead, you may hear clicking noises. If this is the scenario, you may have something other than an ignition switch problem.

5. Issues powering on the accessories

Another issue with a faulty ignition switch is a problem in powering on the vehicle’s accessories. When the key is inserted and turned to the “acc” position, the ignition switch should power on the vehicle accessories such as the dashboard lights, interior lights, and center console.

However, when the key is inserted and turned, and the accessories do not power on, it may indicate a problem with the ignition switch or lock cylinder.

6. Key removal issues 

A failing ignition lock cylinder might also show when you insert or remove your key from the ignition. Ideally, your key should be able to insert and withdraw without any cause for concern.

Yet, if your ignition lock cylinder is causing you problems, you might have to jerk your key around to remove it.

7. Starter motor not turning

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If you turn the key and nothing blinks, there’s a possibility the switch is not closing the circuit. Instead, it could stop power from the battery to the starter motor

Final words

Don’t let your ignition lock cylinder fail on you. If you notice these problems, contact our team at US Locksmith. We’ll be able to help you solve all of your lock cylinder problems.