Apr 2, 2022 1 min

Nowadays, keeping duplicate car keys has become common for several beneficial reasons. People prefer to make a copy of their original keys for backup. However, a considerable part of the population is still hesitant to get duplicate car key services because they might be concerned about the cost. Therefore, we will cover the factors that affect the price of duplicate car keys. This article will give you an idea about the cost to make you familiar and comfortable with hiring the key duplicate service in Maryland.

Why should you duplicate your car key?

duplicate car keys

Several reasons might influence your decision to get duplicate car keys. Some of the most important reasons are as follows:

  • The first reason for keeping duplicate keys is that they will be handy when you lose your original key.
  • Keeping the backup of your car keys saves you in the lockout situations when you mistakenly lock your keys inside the vehicle, break them, or your keys are stolen.
  • Duplicate car keys are beneficial when you have more than one family member who uses the same vehicle. You can share your keys with them so that they can use your car when you are not around.

How much do duplicate car keys cost?

Below are several factors that influence the cost of duplicate car keys.

1. Type of Car Key

The cost of duplicate car keys might fluctuate based on the model of your vehicle. Traditional car keys cost lesser than modern car keys. Nowadays, keys utilize transponder chips, key fobs, laser cut keys, remote parts, and switchblade keys. Therefore, you need to check the information about your specific key model before hiring an automotive locksmith. 

2. Having the right locksmith company

Some locksmiths cost higher than others. If you lack research, you could end up spending a lot of money. If you consider choosing the dealership option, let us tell you that it will cost you higher than hiring a locksmith. The best option is to get a free estimate from a reliable locksmith company near your area.

3. Type of duplication machine

duplicate car keys

The machine type is also an essential factor that affects the car key duplication cost. The machine determines the amount of time and the duplication process that affect the cost-making. If the device takes longer to duplicate the key, the cost will rise. For the precise reproductions, machines take much time, which clearly gives a hike in price.


Final words by US Locksmith

Car key duplication is a cost-effective process, but it saves you spending more in the future when you get stuck in a car lockout situation. In addition, keeping the backup of your car keys will save you from calling the locksmith in emergencies that eventually cost you higher. Contact US Locksmith to resolve your query if you are still confused about anything.

If you are looking for reliable and precise duplicate car keys services, contact us today and get a free estimate!