Sep 6, 2022 2 min

Garage security is essential in many ways that it compels you to think about it carefully. The garage is a point where intruders try to break in. Therefore, every homeowner needs to secure the garage tightly. Today, we are here to talk about the garage door lock set installation and to understand why you need to replace the garage door lock.

Reasons for Garage Door Lock Set Installation

Garage door lock outside - US Locksmith

The primary causes of a garage door lock install are evolving access, replacing broken locks, and updating security. The justification for your garage door lock replacement will influence how you go about it. First, conclude what you need from your lock and install it afterward.

1) Access

There are a few times in life you should change locks since access prerequisites have changed. It implies that people with keys to your garage have had that entrance denied. In these cases, you might have the option to rekey locks instead of changing locks. However, not every garage door lock can be rekeyed. If you have stylish locks on your garage door, garage door T-handle replacement is your only option.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rim latch cylinders and specific padlocks can be rekeyed 
  • T-handle garage door locks cannot be rekeyed.
  • Home and garage doors can have duplicate keys using the same model lock cylinder.

2) Damage – Replacing garage door lock

When your garage door lock gets broken or damaged, it prohibits the proper functionality, and as a result, your security will be compromised. 

However, sometimes the locking and unlocking issue becomes too severe that you will have to consider replacing garage door lock. 

Garage door lock replacement becomes essential for wear-out garage doors, blocked tracks, and misalignment. In fact, if the lock assembly is malfunctioning, the homeowners will have to replace more than just the lock hardware.

Key Takeaways:

  • Garage door lock problems are not always a result of a broken lock.
  • The injury to your garage door may be more extensive than the lock hardware.
  • Find what is broken to determine if garage door lock replacement offers a fix.

3) Security – Garage door lock outside

Garage Door Lock Set done by US locksmith

Do you know why garage door lock set installation is necessary? Well, it is essential for security reasons. Whether you keep things in the garage or not, you need to secure them to restrict intruders from entering your home. In fact, if you are holding a classic car, a bike, or expensive equipment, you need to level up the security of your garage by installing high-quality locks. 

In addition, your garage door lock install should have drill protection and hardened steel to resist bolt cutter attacks.

Key Takeaways:

  • The more valuables you store in the garage, the more security you need.
  • A low-security lock is useless and can compromise garage security.
  • Locks intended for security use hardened steel to resist drill and cutting attacks.

Final Words

The security of your garage is as important as the security of your home. If your garage is secured, no intruders can break into your home. For the best garage door lock set installation, contact US Locksmith today. We also provide the finest garage door repair and installation services!