May 25, 2022 2 min

Key duplications refer to the process of creating a key (lock) based on an existing key. Did you lose your house keys accidentally? Because you lost the originals, you won’t be able to duplicate them.

But don’t worry, without the original key, cutting a key is still possible! When an original key is lost, locksmiths still have a few options to help with Key duplications. 

Professional locksmiths make keys without an original one using some methods like cutting keys from a code, disassembling/decoding the lock, or making an impression of a key.

However, when it comes to replacing specific keys, there are a few limitations to keep in mind.

Here in this blog, we will discuss how locksmiths make keys without an original key. It will help you know, how Key duplications work.

Key Duplication

1) Cutting the key by code 

In Key duplications it is feasible to make a duplicate key from scratch without having the original key. Professional locksmiths are using code cutters to detect the depth of grooves in the key code of your lock. It will help the locksmith to make the correct key for your lock.

This entire process is very challenging. Because of this reason, it is highly recommended that you should hire an experienced professional locksmith.

2) Disassembling the Lock

A locksmith can crack the code of the key. If the lock is disassembled, it creates a key to match. Cracking the code of a lock means recognizing the pins which make up the code of the lock.

The pins within the lock are different lengths and the order of each of these pins. This makes the codes of every lock different from one another.

Once a professional locksmith has pulled the lock apart and analyzed the type of pins and their order, a key can be made to match.

3) Making an impression

Key Duplication


professional locksmith can take an impression of the lock-in in some circumstances. It does not require the lock to be dismantled like cracking the lock’s code.

A lock impression allows a locksmith to make a key without interpreting the lock. For a qualified professional locksmith, making an impression is an efficient way to create a new key.

A blank key is infused into the lock and turned. The pins will press against the key with marks where cuts must be made. To create the perfect key, there are many trials runs made. It takes a skilled professional locksmith with the right tools to be able to pull this off.


Final words by US Locksmith

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