Oct 22, 2022 2 min

Lock rekeying near me is a much more effective and faster alternative. However, most people are unaware that another option can be more cost-effective and often better. The solution is rekeying the locks. Rekeying your locks can save you precious money, especially if you require to do so often. In some cases, it’s more worth it to rekey your lock instead of getting a new one. Here, we discuss six benefits of rekeying locks for homeowners.

Benefits of lock rekeying near me

Lock Rekeying Near Me by US Locksmith

1. Efficiency

When you opt to rekey your locks, you are acknowledging that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with your actual locking mechanism. As a result, you can have your system rekeyed quickly and efficiently. You’ll also end up saving money by going this route.

2. Lock rekeying near me helps in efficient home renovations

A contractor, the crew, and clean-up units may have had access to your keys to gain access to work. They may have made copies, and internal work allows a thief to case the inside of your home to see what items they want to take on a future visit.  

3. Security

Lock rekeying near me can renew your sense of security as you declare all other keys obsolete. Rekeying your locks is an excellent option for new house owners with a strict budget. A new house owner can have the locks rekeyed to make sure that the only working keys for the locks are those in their possession. Rekeying can ensure that the new owners feel secure in their new homes.

4. Maintain the beauty

Your door locks do more than make your home secure; they also add to your home’s beauty. If you have a security concern and don’t want to get rid of your stylish locks, seeking rekeying services is your best option. A locksmith can rekey your locks carefully to avoid ruining their beautiful finish or denting your doors. That way, they will enhance your home’s security without affecting its appeal.

5. Retain the features of your current lock

If you choose to rekey instead of changing the existing lock, you get to retain the features of your current lock, such as the one-handed operation feature of our locks. Rekeying allows you to enjoy the same features and have new keys to open your lock simultaneously.

6. Lock rekeying cost- more affordable

Changing all the locks when you lose your key or move to a new apartment is very expensive and time-consuming. However, lock rekeying cost is comparatively low, especially if you have many locks that require changing.

How much to rekey lock?

how much does lock rekeying cost ? US locksmith

Instead of replacing the lock entirely, rekeying replaces the tumblers inside the lock, requiring a new key and rendering the old keys useless. How much to rekey lock? The cost of rekeying depends on how many locking doors you have. However, the price is significantly lower than changing locks and deadbolts because the hardware does not need to be replaced.

Final words

Lock rekeying near me is not only used when you need to retire an old key but also to match more than one lock for the same key. So if you need to rekey locks, let US Locksmith help. We offer cost-effective lock rekeying services and are always here to help you properly secure your home or business. So just give us one call, and we’ll send one of our professional and certified locksmiths your way.