May 15, 2022 2 min

Residential or Commercial safes add an extra protection layer to your valuables items. So, In case someone does manage to break into your office or home, your most valuable assets and stuff would not be lying around for them to grab and take off with.

Everyone uses a safe to store cash, electronics, expensive jewellery, and anything else that’s worth a lot. In burglary or fire incidents, you can feel more confident that at least your valuable items will be preserved safely. We have compiled an essential guide to residential & commercial safes

Here is everything you need to know about types of residential & commercial safes.

1) Fire safes

Essential Guide to Residential & Commercial Safes

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial safes, your primary choice will be between burglary and fire safes. According to rules and regulations, the general standard for a fire safe is to last for at least 60 minutes against a fire.

Therefore, if fire safes cannot last for an hour, it is unlikely to provide adequate protection. 

2) Burglary safes

These days, burglary safes are increasingly popular with security systems protecting your building. Developers test the safe by attempting to break into the safe with tools.

Burglary safes are then rated by how much time it takes to break into the safe. 

3) Waterproof safes

Fire is not the only enemy. Water is also dangerous and can ruin your home at any time. If you have valuable documents, gadgets, and other precious items, you want to keep them away from harm.

By storing valuable items in a waterproof safe, you do not have to worry about damaging the precious items you want to protect.

4) Gun safes

Gun owners should keep their armament away from sight when not in use. The locking appliance for gun safes ranges from lock dials to keypads. Just like burglar-proof safes, the newer genre of gun safes also utilizes biometrics. All firearms should be concealed.

5) Free-standing safes

You can store a much excessive content value because the construction of the walls and door is much heavier. Many free-standing safes have an underwriter’s laboratory burglar and fire rating.

It will resist burglar attacks very well. Free-standing safes are most common and offer 1 hour to 2 hours of fire-rated resistance.

6) Wall safes

Essential Guide to Residential & Commercial Safes

Wall Safes can be concealed or hidden behind a large wall painting, cabinet, or wall panel. Wall safes are very easy to install. They are located at a higher level off the floor, so access to the wall safe is easier.

Final words 

Safes provide excellent protection for your special valuable items, but what happens when your safe lock shatters? It is worrisome. US Locksmith provides safe lock solutions, so you can get back to storing your belongings in no time.

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