Aug 4, 2022 2 min

A smart lock for doors is arguably the essential part of a connected house. In addition to allowing you to lock and unlock your door quickly, a smart lock also manages who enters and exits your house when you’re away. In addition, even for a smart lock for sliding doors, you won’t require a physical key, as you can use your smartphone, fingerprint, or pin code to open the door when needed.

Best smart lock for doors in 2022

Smart lock for door by US Locksmith

1. Wi-Fi smart lock

The Wi-Fi smart lock includes a retrofit lock and a door sense open-close sensor to upgrade your existing deadbolt or another lock. In addition, Wi-Fi is built into the smart door lock model, so you won’t require to pay extra to buy a connect module to enable remote access with a smartphone app.

2. Smart lock for doors – Bluetooth smart locks

We can control Bluetooth smart locks even without an internet connection. Because Bluetooth is a short-range wireless protocol (generally between 25 to 35 feet), it is only usable when your smartphone is close to the lock, which gives additional security. It also acts as a smart lock door with a camera. Bluetooth hubs and other smart device gateways don’t have quite the range of Wi-Fi smart locks, though there are ways to extend the range.

3. Smart lock for sliding door- Keypad & combination smart locks

A keypad lock or smart lock for doors will require you to have a pin code to unlock the door. These are extremely easy to install and allow you to set up different pin codes for other people, so you know who is coming, going, and when. Most keypad locks use a touchscreen; however, a few out there still have physical buttons you have to press for them to work.

4. Alexa control door locks

Some smart locks integrate with other connected smart home devices, such as smoke alarms, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. That last service permits you even use the smart lock for sliding doors. For example, configure your doors to unlock when a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off or set your lights to turn on when someone opens the door. It also works as a smart lock door with a camera

5. Induction card lock

Induction card locks are usually found in some office buildings, community access control, flats, and hotels. Induction card lock is relatively rare for families to install only induction locks. Since induction locks are generally used in hotels and on other occasions that require to be managed, induction locks are typically equipped with a management system. The induction lock system consists of 5 parts: front desk management card reader, computer, proximity card, door lock, and controller.

6. Biometric

Smart lock for slididng door for home safety

Nowadays, fingerprint entry can be very convenient, especially for small businesses, to ensure only authorized employees are allowed access to areas with sensitive information or expensive product. In addition, they are easy to program and often allow up to 100 fingerprints. 

Final words

Smart locks for doors take a bit more planning in research and installation, but once you get smart locks for sliding doors and running, they make your life super convenient. US Locksmith can help you select the smart lock door with a camera to suit all your individual security needs. Please call our team if you have any queries.