Oct 30, 2022 2 min

When you have door lock parts that need to be replaced or repaired, it’s not doing the job you want them to do. Your locks must be reliable and guard your house or business. If you have a lock that’s not working or want to install a new one, it’s time to call a professional locksmith and repair it. 

Types of door lock parts

Door Lock Parts by US Locksmith

1. Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks are the most popular exterior door lock and are the most generally used locks on exterior doors to residential buildings. They are so popular that commercial property owners also use them to ensure security for their business buildings.

2. Night latches

Simple deadlatch locks are standard for many houses and businesses and generally allow for locking from the inside via a keyhole on the thumb turn latch. It means you can use a key to gain entry but don’t need to lock the latch once you come inside unless you want to. Instead, the mechanism connects the door to the frame or component on the other side, catching in a pre-cut hole once closed.

3. Door lock parts of knob locks 

The knob locks are pretty famous too. One can spot them almost in every residence and apartment building these days. These are attached to the exterior side of the doors, besides deadbolts, for safety and security. These door lock parts have the mechanism of locking on doors, with single or double-cylinder mechanisms. However, they aren’t the most secure, as one can easily break off the knots with hammers or heavy materials.

4. Window locks

Burglars generally look for easy entry points to a home or office. Windows are the most vulnerable point of access to most homes. Locking all the windows in your house from the inside is advisable to discourage thieves from invading your space. Install visible and sturdy latch locks on your windows to keep intruders away.

5. Door lock brands- mortise locks 

Mortise locks are another strong door lock brand for external doors, favored by your local locksmith. They often come in light and heavy models, depending on the application. In addition, mortise locks extend a considerable distance into the door frame. This feature helps to prevent prying and provides lock more strength when in the locked position.

6. Cylinder locks

Cylinder locks use a cylinder; the most common type is a pin-tumbler mechanism. It consists of several spring-loaded stacks, each composed of two pins, the key pin, and the driver pin, with one mounted over the other. These locks are also used in night latches and multipoint locks. 

7. Electronic locks: door lock open without key

door lock open without key by us locksmith

Electronic locks are suitable for doors that require a secure, non-keyed solution. Electronic lock uses specific digital codes or biometric identification. Therefore, the door lock open without key. Keypad locks are a type of electronic lock with a cylinder or key override. Electronic locks require a little more thought regarding door requirements, so you should talk to a commercial door locksmith about your alternatives.

Final words

Our expert team at US Locksmith can help you with any of your door lock parts needs. Whether you need to replace any door lock or want advice on the best kind of lock for your property, we have the skills, tools, and industry knowledge to help you increase security through your doors.