Duplicate Car Keys: How to Get Spares for Added Security

I Want to Buy Duplicate Car Keys, But Why?

Purchasing extra car keys is a smart move with many advantages and can keep you out of trouble in emergencies. Here’s why it’s imperative to have extra car keys:

If you misplace your original automobile keys, duplicate keys offer an essential backup. People frequently find themselves in predicaments where their keys are misplaced or unintentionally locked inside the car.

Duplicate car keys may provide extra security and comfort. If you have an extra set, you’ll likely avoid going lost in strange or possibly dangerous places.

In daily life, having extra car keys also offers flexibility and convenience. For example, if several family members frequently use the same car, having extra keys makes it easier to coordinate and eliminates the need to always pass the main keys around.

Moreover, buying extra car keys may become a more affordable option in the long run. The initial cost of getting extra keys might seem like little compared to the possible discomfort of being locked out. Still, the savings add up when you factor in the costs of emergency locksmith services or having to replace lost keys completely.

Duplicate Keys

How Can Extra Car Keys Aid in Emergency Preparedness?

A backup set of car keys is an essential safety precaution that can help avert catastrophes and guarantee that you won’t get stuck in an emergency. Having extra car keys can assist in avoiding emergencies in the following ways:

  1. Being able to quickly access your car in an emergency is one of the biggest advantages of having extra car keys. Having an extra key on hand makes it possible for you to get back in your car quickly if you unintentionally lock your keys inside or misplace them while away from home, saving you the trouble of calling a locksmith or roadside assistance agency. 
  2. Anyone can experience the typical event of locking themselves out of their car. However, you may greatly lessen the chance of running into a lockout scenario if you keep extra car keys in a secure and easily accessible place.  
  3. Car spare keys are useful to any emergency kit since they offer a dependable backup. Extra keys guarantee that, whether you’re traveling alone or with family, you’re ready for unforeseen circumstances like misplaced or stolen keys, broken key fobs, or damaged ones. 
  4. Extra car keys can reduce anxiety and provide peace of mind when dealing with unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Over time, having extra car keys might also result in financial savings. Costly emergency locksmith services or key replacements can arise, particularly if you’re in a remote area or need assistance after usual business hours. 

It’s easy to reduce hazards and prepare for emergencies when driving by keeping extra keys on hand, whether in your wallet, at home, or with a reliable friend or family member.

Is Getting Duplicate Car Keys a Cheaper Option?

For those who possess a car, duplicate car keys can be a very affordable alternative with several advantages that exceed the original cost. The following explains why getting extra car keys can end up saving you money:

Preventing Lockout Costs: Keeping duplicate vehicle keys handy will help you avoid paying for pricey locksmith services in case of a lockout. This is one of the main ways duplicate car keys save you money. If you don’t have extra keys on hand and you lock your keys inside your car by accident, you can have to pay a lot of money for emergency locksmith services. 

Preventing the Need for New Keys: Misplacing your sole set of vehicle keys can be an expensive and inconvenient situation. You could have to pay extra to reprogram key fobs or immobilizer systems and replace the keys, particularly for more recent cars with sophisticated security features.

Minimizing Wear and Tear: Using just one set of car keys all the time might result in increased wear and tear, which can cause damage or malfunction to the keys. 

Unquestionably, duplicate car keys are an affordable option for owners of motor vehicles, saving money on long-term key maintenance, insurance premiums, emergency locksmith costs, and key replacement.

How Should I Proceed If My Car Keys Are Lost?

Although losing your car keys can be an upsetting and stressful experience, there are steps you can take to reduce the inconvenience and hasten the process of getting them back. The following actions are what you should do if you lose your automobile keys:

  1. First, try to find your keys by retracing your steps while maintaining your composure. Examine your luggage, pockets, and any other possible locations for them.
  2. After a careful search, consider keeping an extra set on hand if you still can’t find your keys.
  3. Your next move might be to call a locksmith or roadside assistance agency if you don’t have extra keys.
  4. You can contact your local automotive locksmith or automobile dealership to get a replacement key if you have your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
  5. Avoid leaving your car alone in dangerous or forbidden places when waiting for key replacement services. 

Losing your car keys can be difficult, but you can minimize the disturbance to your day and swiftly regain access to your vehicle by staying composed, weighing your choices, and taking proactive measures to remedy the issue. Throughout the procedure, keep in mind to put safety and security first. It would help if you also thought about getting extra car keys to avoid encountering the same problems later.

duplicate car key

When and where should I get my car keys made into duplicates?

When you get a new automobile or discover you only have one set of keys, it is wise to have duplicate car keys produced. You may avoid the discomfort and the emergencies that come with misplacing or losing your main keys by being proactive and taking action early on. Duplicate key generation should also be given top priority if you frequently misplace your keys or if you have numerous drivers for a car so that everyone may access it when needed. 

Automotive Locksmith: Transponder, key fob, and remote key programming are the areas of expertise for automotive locksmiths. They can come to your place and make duplicate keys and usually provide mobile services.

Hardware Stores: A few hardware stores duplicate keys, especially automobile keys. They could be able to duplicate standard keys simply, but they might need the advanced tools or knowledge needed to duplicate more complex key types.

Online Services: You can order duplicate keys remotely from websites specializing in auto key duplication. These services may offer both standard and programmable key options, and they usually ask you to submit information about your vehicle, including the VIN.


Extra car keys are a sensible idea that provides comfort and prepares you for unforeseen circumstances like lockouts or misplaced keys. Getting spare keys is essential to preventing inconvenience and potential emergencies, regardless of whether you use dealership services, auto locksmiths, or internet choices. Invest in duplicate car keys to ensure you’re always ready for anything the road may bring. Please don’t wait until it’s too late.

Are you prepared to protect your tranquillity? Make duplicate car keys right now by contacting a reputable locksmith or dealership!

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