Informed Decisions: The Differences Between Rekeying and Replacing Locks

Rekeying Vs. Replacing Locks: US Locksmith

When you go gallivant for security needs, you may hear the terms like rekeying or replacing locks. However, most people don’t know about the rekeying process. But it’s OK; you are not alone in this. Most people choose to replace the locks if they find anything faulty in their security.

So we have come here to enlighten you about rekeying vs. replacing locks. This article will give you an idea about the variety of options you can choose according to your security requirements.

Changing your entire lock is not the only option – it is the primary purpose of this article. You can often opt for a rekeying door lock option, which is better than replacing the whole door lock.

Know the difference between rekeying and replacing your locks to make the right choice.

Rekeying Vs. Replacing Locks~

Rekeying Locks~

A Technician Is Holding A Lock Cylinder With A Key Inside.

When people want to upgrade their current locks, they can do it quickly with a rekeying process. Quality and well-performing locks don’t need to change entirely.

That is why the rekeying process has been introduced. In addition, the service is less expensive because you will only have to pay for labor and not the parts. Generally, the price of rekeying can range from $22 to $50.

Why Should You Rekey Your Locks?

1) Multiple Keys For Locks:

To make it easy, make sure that all the locks of the same brand have the same type of keyholes. It will simplify the rekeying process by eliminating the confusion of rekeying every lock to the same key.

2) Recently Moved In:

if you have changed your home, it would be better to rekey your locks and ensure nobody else has your key. It is an excellent way to prevent unauthorized entry into your home.

3) Changing Concierge Services:

If you are changing your babysitters, housekeepers, or pet caretakers, who keep a copy of your home key, you can choose to rekey your lock without changing your locking system.

Lock Change~

A damaged, malfunctioning, or broken lock must be changed entirely with a new lock to ensure your home or office is secure again. If we compare lock change and lock rekey, the service is costlier than the latter one. Lock Replacement costs you around $75 per hour.

Why Should You Change Your Locks?

1) Upgrade With Better Security:

People mostly decide to replace their existing locks when looking for enhanced security.

2) Old, Feeble, And Malfunctioning Locks:

you must replace them with a new lock if your locks compromise your home security.

3) Switching To Modern Locks:

Today, most people opt for modern locks and replace their traditional deadbolts.

In Conclusion~

Rekeying vs. Replacing Locks is an endless topic that can only make your decision straight with your requirements. So first, analyze the reasons for rekeying or replacing locks. Only then can you decide what is best suitable for you.

Both the locksmith services are vital in their way. If you are still confused about lock replacement or rekeying, connect with US Locksmith.

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